Canon 7. Marine Terrace, Singapore 2022.


Reboot Fellowship Zine (2023)

Piece centred around my thoughts on OpenAI, arguing for the

indispensible nature of writers through autoethnography (Page 45).

The [Un]Censored Film Festival (2022)

Co-Programmed TUFF for Screen & Cultural Studies Capstone.

Festival outline was presented to a film academic panel.

Marunong (2022)

Handcoded during ExpressMedia Toolkits Digital Storytelling and the

Alternative & Experimental Capstone for Creative Writing,

Marunong explores the lamentations of a third culture through a mixed media approach.

Peer's work organised here by Toolkits mentor, Rory Green.

Singapore International Film Festival (2021)

Other than working with the Programme team with film curation,

wrote loglines, synopses and programmer notes on various films

watched for festival consideration.


Personal Substack that houses writing on

films, nokia photography and other tangents.